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Basic Information about The Land of Zelazbeep:

The Land of Zelazbeep is a small universe located in the fifth dimension of the internet, in the shape of a box, 16km x 16km x 5km. It is mostly run by me and the rest of the holy council. The primary religion is simply called Zelazbeep, and consists of the worship of the great flashystar, whose portrait you will see in many places around our lovely site. You can read the story of creation by clicking on the link on our homepage.
The residents here live off of hugs, which provide vitamin XLFUGUU 45, chocolate wafers, and strawberries. These substances provide all the vitamins and minerals we need to survive. Most of the population of 12 000 live in gingerbread huts. We do not consider gingerbread a food item, it is not digestible for our systems. It makes a very practical building material.

Since I can not take up too much space, I'll simply link to the other important pages that will come in handy if you want to blend in.

The Creation of Zelazbeep
The Zelazbeepian Philosophy
The 10 Suggestions
CiPZeH (Citizens for the Preservation of Zelazbeepian Heritage)
The Zelazbbepian Dictionary"
TV Serial (the most talked about tv show in the history of Zelazbeep)

Other Stuff:

Yobfest is a day to praise Yob in the highest, and occurs on Wednesdays. On this day, you are not to eat meat, (but you can eat dairy and eggs) and you must say the Holy Prayer of Yobfest when you first wake.

The procedure:

Pluck a single olive from the ceremonial bowl which has been placed upon a pedestal. Place it in your mouth and chew it slowly 22 times. Once it is swallowed, kneel down upon your right knee and recite the following prayer, whilst keeping your hands clasped over your ears, and your eyes, if you have enough arms. If you don't, you can just close your eyes.

The Holy Prayer of Yobfest:
In olivest, blesseticcio Beatlesium, sarkium, et blesseticcio spasticio cranberryiz. Ommmmmmmmbap. Et Snuckbap. Et in Pinwheelium. O holi stuff, 'n' stuff, 'n' stuff. Blesseticcio Yon Yob In Pamplemoussium moutardestium, dans leibe boxiocco. Worshippium el Letterium Zed, unt parfiatum est Nofx. O Yon Yob, blesseticcio noustaccio, damnest el fuckwittium. Blesseticcio Tinsellium, unt parfatium est alsoch Sandy. Unt parfatium est alsoch Zebratium keik, beaucoupiccio del cremia whippé. Blesseticcio Beatlesium, spasticio cranberryiz, noustaccio, Tinsellium, Sandy, unt en majoritium Yon Yob. Blesseticcio. Blesseticcio. Blesseticcio.

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