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The creation of Zelazbeep

For all of those whom are interested in knowing about the creation of the zelazbeepian world, here is the story:

Once, long long ago, and not really technically far away because the universe didn't really exist back then, there was a happy star named Happystar who was all alone in the universe.
"Holy shit" said Happystar, "I'm all alone in the universe!" So, he/she decided to do something about it.
"Beep!" he/she said, and a billion quadrillion stars all went POOF! and appeared. After that, Happystar decided to show off even more, and the non-gender-specific deity created simple one-celled organisms on a beautiful flat planet/dimension 16km2 called Zelazbeep. Happystar sat back and relaxed while evolution took place and did not interfere. After a while, Happystar got bored. So he/she created the computer.
One fine day, while surfing the web, boredom took hold. Happystar decided to type in random dot-com addresses to see if they actually existed. It was in doing this, that Happystar discovered that Happystar was the name of a japanese porn site.
"Holy shit" said Happystar. "I'm a japanese porn site!" Now, this would not do. As we all know, porn is the root of all evil. So, Happystar promptly changed his/her name to Flashystar. This made everyone much happier.
It was around the time of the first small furry creatures that Flashystar began to ponder the meaning of life. He/she had always thought up until now that he/she was a deity, but at this ponderous time in his/her life, he/she began to wonder. After all, Flashystar could not strike people down by lightning, which he/she found to be a great disappointment. As we can observe from this last statement, Flashystar was not very nice.
A few million years later, a wandering deity named Yob who lead a celtic band heard tell of this oppressive Flashystar character and decided to free the beautiful innocent zelazbeepian universe from Flashystar's clutches. So one day, while Flashystar was checking his/her email, Yob snuck up behind him/her, grabbed Flashystar by the scruff of the neck, and tossed him/her out of the universe into another dimension, never to return. The people rejoiced, and there was much yayness. From then on, Zelazbeep was happily looked after by Yob.
In this world today, there are those who still follow Flashystar, because, he/she did create the land of zelazbeep from scratch, but the majority of the population now follows Yob. If you would like to become a Yobist, click here.
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